OVERVIEW Wanda SD is an affordable disinfecting robot that can protect public spaces from dangerous germs and viruses. It can be guided into a space via a smart device. Wanda uses UVC lights to disinfect everything from plants and warehouses to hotels, office buildings and airplanes. Wanda features a 42-inch light tower with dual 50-Watt UVC lights and floor spotlights that kill 99 percent of harmful pathogens. Sitting on a base of 17” x 17” with a height of 42” allows Wanda to easily move between rooms of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, The UVC lights operates at 253.7 nm to break down the DNA or RNA of dangerous viruses and bacteria found in water, surfaces and air. Wanda SD sanitizes an approximate 200 square foot area in just 15 minutes. Lights underneath the vehicle are used to disinfect the floor, while the light towers cover tables and other surfaces.