Company At-a-Glance

Renavotio plans to operate three infrastructure based models, Fiber optic, 5G and utility management, medical technology and PPE infrastructure products, e-commerce based organization, sharing platforms and database membership. Such revenue streams may contribute viable and steady growth to the Company.


Targeted Vertical Markets

Smart Cities/Utility – Energy Management

  • P3 (Public/Private/Partnership) – all or partial funding

  • Design/Build/Operate/Maintain

  • Tech Upgrades – ongoing services and  monetization

Fed/State/Muni Contractors

  • Staffing – Engineers, Systems/IT/Project Management

  • Design Build – E&C

  • IDIQ – Telecom and Engineering

  • PPE-PPE Manufactures, Medical Distributors, Federal, State, Medical End User

Telecom Engineers and Contractors

  • Telecom Engineering

  • Project/Program Management

  • Low Latency and Carrier/Enterprise Services

  • Design/Build – Operate/Maintain



Utility Management & Construction

Renavotio’s engineering and smart utility management services, performed by our subsidiaries UMCCO and Cross-Bo Construction, provide a one-stop solution for rural communities to reduce the consumption of electricity, natural gas, and water utilities for commercial, industrial and municipal end-users.



Renavotio’s infrastructure business was started in the late 1960s by individuals who noticed a decline in the public water sources due to point source and non-point source pollution. Today this business has a significant collection of operations in the Midwest, including Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), Telecommunications, and Smart Utility and Engineering services.


PPE & Medical Manufacturing

Renavotio is focusing on made in the USA products with partnerships being negotiated with multiple providers in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of masks, gowns, and face shields. These are the primary tools used by frontline medical provers and is the main source of protection for emergency and recovery workers.


Smart City Infrastructre Management

Geospatial technology involves GPS (global positioning systems), GIS (geographical information systems), and RS (remote sensing). This technology offers a radically different way in which we produce and use maps required to manage our communities and industries.

Types of spatial technologies used in industry applications:

Remote Sensing: satellite imagery and geospatial data collected from satellite sensors or airborne cameras. Some commercial satellite image can produce details of 30 centimeters. Satellite imagery greatly enhances a GIS mapping project and serves as a source of information and data to support analysis and classification for geospatial assessment and modeling.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): mapping tools for analysis of geospatial data which is georeferenced. GIS can be used to support environmental management for natural hazards and disasters, global climate change, natural resources, wildlife, land cover and many other applications. Global Positioning System (GPS): satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit to collect coordinates locations.

Today there are thousands of geospatial technology applications in use. Organizations, agencies and companies throughout the world are using the geospatial technology to transform manually produced maps and associated descriptive records into powerful digital databases. Once a tool that was affordable only to the largest organizations, geospatial systems have become a cost-effective option for even the smallest organizations.

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